Art Docent Program

This program provides an opportunity to introduce children to the basic principles and elements of design as well as a wide variety of art and artists in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.  Volunteers provide an important service as they share learning experiences with children in the classroom using prints from famous artists. You don’t need to be an artist, or even have any artistic skill or knowledge, to be an art docent and participate in this program.  An interest in art and the ability to enthusiastically share what you learn with children is all that is needed.

Program History

The program was originated to provide art instruction for elementary children – typically there are not art teachers at the elementary level.  It is designed to help children learn about the basic elements and principles of design through famous works of art.  It also provides them with vocabulary about art.  The program was modeled on a similar program in the Issaquah School District and was developed over 20 years ago by a group of interested volunteers with the assistance of a Seattle Art Museum Art Docent.  At Central Kitsap School District in 1989, Lyn Dalan, Jeanie Schulze and Penny Swan collaborated to create our Art Docent Program.

How the Program is Organized

Each month, Art Docent Volunteers select one print and explore one or two elements or principles of design.  Volunteers offer a short art project linked to the print.

How Much Work Is Involved?

Approximately two hours a month, plus training prior to classroom experience.  After completing training, art docents will work with their schools and teachers to begin presentations and projects.

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